Principles Vs. Tradition

It was a quote in the Black Panther was spoken from a father to a son...the father is hard for a good man to be king...the son decided... to break that tradition...and stand on the principles of the king..and not the tradition of the king's.

So what if we decided to break the tradition of our father's....does that mean that we diminish what they have taught us.. not at all should enhance our understanding of the purpose of it only right to secure those we call our family. Or should we strive for the betterment of mankind with the same amount of energy as our own blood...

What good is a a safe family in an unsecured world...the betterment of mankind would benefit my family would ease the mind of society as a may be hard for a good man to be king...but that don't mean you can't be one... peace and prosperity...

#Bfree #jerusalemm #letmeexplainmysoul #revolution #JarafeX #TimJacc

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