Have Our Founding Father's Reached Their Goal?

A common dilemma in the Black society...is we believe that because we can afford it....we have moved forward... but true growth is in investment and prosperity...A recent report in The Washington Post....Article.. New Study: Blacks Are No Better Off Today Than They Were 50 Years ago quote...John Schmitt tells Washington Post , "One of the key issues is the disadvantages so many Blacks face, right from the beginning as children. While Black people are in many ways better off in absolute terms than they were in 1968, they are still disadvantaged in important ways relative to whites." The unemployment rate for Black people was 7.5 percent in 2017 (approx. twice the White unemployment rate) in comparison to 6.7 percent in 1968. Black home ownership is a little over 40%, 30 points behind Whites and about the same as it was in 1968. It's troubling to my soul... To know so many of us believe we have come a mighty long way but in reality we have not....So what does that mean to us as the Black society. Buying what we can afford (shoes, cars, etc) but investing our earnings in the same system that suppresses us and ultimately doesn't create any progression or wealth for our community. We have been taught how to work and build a better way of life for the system but not for ourselves.

New Study: African Americans Are No Better Off Than They Were 50 Years Ago

click here to read the article and learn more

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