The American Illusion: The Quest For Freedom

It would appear that we have progressed a mighty long way in our fight for freedom. Consider this, of the 242 years since America's establishment, the so called black man has been free for 50 of those years. Yes…only 50. Astonishing, right? Well ok, let's do the numbers:

  1. 1776- America was founded on the principles of freedom;

  2. 1865-1877- The Reconstruction Era: The first shot at reconstructing freedom;

  3. 1877-1958- Jim Crow Era- "Heyyyyy, Freedom don't look like everybody."

  4. 1948-1968- Civil Rights Movement- The fight for the African American freedom gains national attention;

  5. 1969- FBI declares the Black Panthers a communist organization and an enemy of the United States government. - "Guess freedom won't meant for us."

  6. 1970- until- A consistent effort to assassinate and mass incarcerate our revolutionary leaders. (Getting my Jessie Jackson on....)

So, looking at this timeline, America sucks at fighting for freedom for their own people. These sets of dates are taken directly from American history books. So, should we redefine freedom, or do we even know the true definition of freedom.



noun: freedom

  1. the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

According to this definition above…. has anyone ever experienced true freedom? Is it freedom that we should be fighting for? Or is it liberation? What is the definition of liberation?



noun: liberation; plural noun: liberations

  1. the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.

Comparing these two definitions, one can be free, but still in need of liberation. If your thoughts of freedom are attached to systematic thinking, then your thoughts still fall in an oppressive state of mind.

What do you mean Jerusalemm?

Well I’m glad you asked!!

If your thoughts of freedom consist of, eat where they eat, live where they live, and not geared towards the financial freedom of your own people……then you are in need of liberation.

If your thoughts of freedom do not include the research of your culture, your ancestry, and a concrete plan to secure our future generations……then you are in need of liberation.

Relatively speaking, I’m not saying we shouldn’t fight for freedom, but make sure you get liberated in the process

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